When the Mark Matters UID UK are the team to deliver.

With vast experience working with Industry, including Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Logistics and Retail also Health Services and Local Government UID UK will provide you with the best independent advice and asset management solution.

Whatever you need to mark: machine parts, computers, vehicles, boats, aeroplanes, boxes, racking, tyres, rubbish bins, engines, pumps pallets, cages, lamp posts, furniture, the list is endless but UID UK works with you to find YOUR solution.

However you identify or mark: Barcodes (code 39, code 128 etc), 2D Data Matrix barcodes, UID codes, QR codes, serial numbers, void, tamper evident, temperature indicators and latent imaging, UID UK can deliver the labels, the TT print systems the readers, scanners, software and verifiers.

Whatever the environment:Extreme high and low temperatures, harsh chemicals, salt spray, oil, fire, indoor/outdoor, office/warehouse , UID UK will provide you with the right product.

RFID Labels & Tags, Barcode Technology, UID information,
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Thank you to everyone who came to see us at DSEi Exhibition. For more information about the show go to our Military Application pages. 

Peter Young of UID UK and board member of AIM UK talks about the benefits of AIM membership, click HERE to listen.

G-SMart Technology, Fail Safe TT Printing Technology is NEW and only available from the GSM Group, click HERE to read more.




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